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About Hochart

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HOCHART is an entrepreneur throughout his entire professional life. 

Being recognized as a Digital Business Leader, HOCHART have a unique vision on use of technology in creating white space opportunities, transforming traditional industry and monetizing value chain.


HOCHART latest business venture call GAMERHILLS is the very first Gamer to Gamer Marketplace, a new generation Web3 platform that enable gamers to monetize their gaming accounts, gaming digital goods and gaming NFT’s.


Over the past decade HOCHART have been working alongside and gained strong sponsorship from government officials to leading industry decision makers, providing subject matter expertise and consultancy advice in digital strategy - from vision setting, business model building to implementation plan.


HOCHART business venture previous was OONA TV, which was the world’s first multi-entertainment digital operator platform, that HOCHART has built at an unparalleled pace and 1/50th of development costs compared to the closest competitor.


Not only HOCHART did build the first Open OTT (over-the-top TV streaming) platform at light speed, His business model has earned endorsement from over 250 local and global TV networks and channels to sign up as revenue share partners, versus traditional pay to play model. This again was a first in the market that enables HOCHART to launch fast to market, at minimal investment cost, and maximize user acquisition within the shortest period of time. 


HOCHART business became the digital TV partner of Telkom Indonesia (the largest telco with 200m+ users), and the business pilot run in 2019 was proven an immediate financial success.


OONA TV has been valued by equity investors $20M pre-launch (prior to POC) and $400M post-launch. And as a result, OONA TV became the fastest-growing business at Telkom Indonesia with 4.6 Million users within the first 6 months on the market.


Having acquired strong industry partnership networks, HOCHART expanded OTT business horizon and found ADSREWORD.


ADSREWORD is a solution and strategic response to the consumerism shift from Pay-Tv to free ad-supported digital television (OTT). Understanding that AVOD will become the lead model for fast growth, HOCHART invented and patented a solution, utilizing existing technology, which enables brand and media agencies to generate 10 times + higher return on digital format versus the conventional advertising push model.


With the success of OONA TV and ADSREWORD, HOCHART could get the global management of the world's largest media SSP company (Magnite) to support the invention and business model and Adsreword is now in the process to be rolled out to TV, Video and Game publishers including; Gameloft, Dailymotion, Zee5 India, Samsung, Transsion and by end 2023, ADSREWORD will be servicing publishers globally with an estimated 250m consumers using the end user solution.



Following his panel speech and presentation on “digital broadcasting issues” at the IAB meeting in front of over 250 government representatives, HOCHART was honored to have initiated and oversaw the draft of Act Instituting the Management, Provision and Regulation of Over The Top And Other Digital Broadcasting Services In The Philippines, a House Bill for the Republic of the Philippines HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES sponsored by Philippines governors.


HOCHART has gained a strong profile in the industry and has been frequently invited as guest speakers in Asia and Global thought leadership forums including; Mobile World Congress, Telecom World, Vivatech, Casbaa, AVIA, Digi-summit, Asia Media Summit, Media Innovation Forum, Broadcast Asia.


HOCHART passion for golf since a young kid gave him the discipline and trained him to focus where and when needed and keep a very agile and positive mind toward achieving his final goal.


And as a young golf teacher in his very early career, HOCHART developed natural leadership skills by coaching and supporting others to succeed and reach their own goals and this has been part of his leadership and management style ever since he started to build businesses and partnerships.

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