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The Systemic Crisis with Telecoms & the Need to Merge with OTT Services toward becoming FS Telco's

“Telco giants are becoming aware that their conventional businesses can be successfully supplemented by free regulated OTT online services and that OTT is the entertainment piece to support Telco Financial Services penetration"

Telecoms are facing a massive stand-off as consumers are now in the driving seat, and are pressing down hard on the accelerator. Telecoms have two choices: they can either accept a massive cut in profits, or change course. The OTT revolution is here, and the demand is exciting and contagious. OTT is the step forward to future Financial Service Telco's.

As we surge towards 2021: “network operators are forced to look for answers to difficult questions. How do we create new revenue streams? How do we... develop business?”1 Everything in the world of explosive high tech is moving faster than the speed of light, and the good news for populations everywhere, is that: “as a result of competition between operators and substitution of traditional services, the profitability of the most mass communication services falls on conditionally free.”1

Obstacles Confronting the Telecom Industry

The maintenance of telecommunication infrastructure, as well the development of telecom services, requires heavy investment, but will the flow to funds to meet these requirements keep coming? Over the next few years, the telecommunications industry is likely to be confronted by sobering challenges. There are limitations to its growth, as it is: “on the verge of a systemic crisis that has never existed before. The revolution is coming to an end – and further development of the market poses a number of serious obstacles.”1

One of these obstacles is market saturation. “In developed countries, the subscriber base of cellular communication networks has practically become equal to the country’s population – therefore, the rapid growth of the industry has exhausted itself.”1 In fact, in large numbers of countries, the total number of operational SIM cards has already transcended the number of citizens. Moreover, the traditional growth drivers have arrived at a standstill when it comes to access to broadband internet, mobile telephony, and so on. And due to high tech advances, the potential for increasing the speed of channels is also at it its peak. And while these factors may not apply to developing countries at the moment, the time will come when they do.

The fact of the matter is that today's telecom networks are undergoing a functional crisis. As it stands: “all the fundamental needs of consumers... are generally satisfied. To attract subscribers with new services, operators are now focusing on entertainment options.”1 In the past: “the basis of everything was a ‘voice’, and the rest of the services complemented it, now the primary facility required by users is internet access,”1 and all that goes with it, including top entertainment. There is no untapped market left.

So What is the Solution?

New services are needed if telecom companies want to make a healthy profit and maintain their aging infrastructure. At the end of the day, one successful solution to telecoms' systemic crisis rests on satisfying unfulfilled customer needs, and discovering prospective market niches which have not yet been filled. Step Forward OONA model.


What OTT mobile and Connected TV model can work in conjunction with telecoms to offer them a lucrative personalised ad revenue, PPV, SVOD, Micro PTV by delivering first-class free and pay as you consume entertainment to their consumers via their mobile devices, including the latest films, series, live sports and live TV; save users' time searching through different pirate channel content, give viewers a personalised genie in the app bot program adviser and ad manager, save them money on branded goods, and even reward them for watching and sharing what they love? In one word – OONA model.

OONA, the brain child of serial entrepreneur, Christophe Hochart, is set to deliver exciting content and live TV to billions of people in developing countries via 3G and 4G connectivity, and has recently fulfilled a key milestone by signing a partnership with Telkom Indonesia. Telecom Indonesia, the world's largest telecommunications company, is the biggest and best for a reason – its directors and managers understand that telecoms have to evolve and think outside the box. Both Telkom Indonesia and OONA share the same dynamic vision and drive to offer high quality free entertainment to emerging markets including the 135 million plus Indonesians who can enjoy data-free mobile TV anytime, anywhere with OONA from 2018 onwards. And there is is even talk of a dongle for home TVs in the works. Now that really is a great win-win situation for both telecoms and consumers alike!

Like to understand HOCHART view on how OTT is key to Telco path to become financial service company or digital bank?

Contact Hochart today !


1. Arustamyan, Suren. “The systemic telecoms crisis and the importance of fresh new services.” Retrieved from:

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