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How to Created A Culture Of Customer Loyalty

Writing in Forbes, Pamela Zanziger, the well known market researcher, author and speaker, made the vary valid point that the majority of businesses state that their prime growth challenge is “finding new customers.”

“Putting the Cart Before the Horse” [1]

Zanziger, cites this very apt adage, and notes that the optimum route to finding new consumers, is to build trusting relationships with existing users. - The ones who remain loyal due to multiple positive benefits. Indeed, Adam Ince, the VP of the customer experience (CX) software company, InMoment, proves it. In his analysis of Forbes Insight's list of the “50 Most Engaged Companies,” he showed that: “Forbes leaders in customer engagement are four times more likely to experience growth of 10% or higher and three times more likely to be in the top quartile of “Net Promotor Score,” which measures loyalty based on customers’ recommendations to their friends” [1]. So in a nutshell, by harnessing customer engagement, these top companies are empowered to magnetise many more new consumers to their list [1].

Two Different Languages

Some interesting research on what it takes for companies to cultivate an engaged loyal customer base, was conducted by InMoment. After analysing the results from 1,300 consumers, InMoment discovered that: when it comes to loyalty, the companies and their users are talking two different languages. InMoment’s VP of customer experience strategy, Andrew Park, noted that when it comes to companies: they “want to quantify it by looking at average amount per transaction or repeat purchases. [Conversely, with consumers], it is about their relationship with the brand and the value they get out of that relationship beyond transactions. For them it is a combination of head and heart, intellect and emotion” [1].

“Building trust and loyalty is about more than just a satisfied customer. It is about consistently delivering good experiences and delivering on the promises you make” [1]

Bridging the Loyalty Gap

In order to have success with customer loyalty, brands have to heed the advice of Park, and follow the path of OONA OTT TV. – They have to align their strategies with their consumers’ viewpoint. “The brands that do it really well are those brands open to creating ongoing discussions with their customer base. That enables them to find unique ways to connect with their customers in order to co-create experiences together”[1].

Leading digital strategist, Christophe Hochart, OONA's CEO and founder, who heads the cutting-edge, data-free/subscription-free AVOD interactive entertainment platform which is set to serve 185 million Indonesians, and is on course to provide its unique state-of-the-art free and premium service to billions of people in other parts of Asia, Africa, the Middle East, South America, the US and Europe, shares Park's perspective, in that companies must do more than just drive a consistent experience. - In OONA's case, it must mean that consumers are able to enjoy a positive life experience anytime, any where - by enjoying hundreds of channels with the best live and on-demand entertainment that the world offers; have interactive fun, and enjoy being part of the OONA community; have their personal needs and preferences met by OONA's friendly AI bot, Siskabot; and are rewarded for watching content.

Standing Out From the Crowd

The OONA platform is unique in that it gives its viewers loyalty rewards in the form of tcoins. This virtual currency rewards viewers just for watching content and personalised ads; sharing the content they love with friends and family; and interacting with OONA's genie in the app, Siskabot. These tcoins can be exchanged for a broad range of branded goods and services, meals, fun days out, discounts, free telcom minutes and telcom products.

OONA - Delivering on Quality, Convenience & So Much More

In the sphere of live streaming and video on-demand, the definition of a platform's brand is characterised by the quality of the content it provides. To that end, OONA's quality control department has the best possible proactive tools which are engineered to detect problems prior to viewers witnessing them. Moreover, it has a system which can continually detect, alert, and report important issues which impact consumers' viewing experience. This is paramount to the reputation of the OONA platform, and delivering first-class CX (customer service) [2]. After all, it is very simple for fed-up consumers to just switch platforms within minutes.

In summary, the name of the game is understanding and respecting consumers, and never just treating them like statistics. As Park says: customers' "head and heart, intellect and emotion” [1], have to be taken into account. And as Christophe Hochart, the founder and CEO of OONA, emphasises: users have to enjoy the very best experience possible - every time...


[1]. Zanziger, Pamela (2018). “How Foot Locker, Nike, North Face And Starbucks Created A Culture Of Customer Loyalty.” Forbes. Accessed 5 Nov. 2018.

[2]. Murray, Dan (2018). “The Arrival of OTT Live Video.” Streaming Media. Accessed 5 Nov. 2018.

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