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Are TVs Facing Extinction?

There is a disruptive revolution going on, and the traditional TV industry is becoming enemy number one. Consumers are now systematically cutting traditional TV out of their lives as OTT mobile TV and to TV on demand "NETFLIX of this world", take center stage by providing viewers with the best of TV all in one place, anywhere, any time, at zero cost.

FTA are only relevant for News and Live Events, The TV operator who have been enjoying their time are replaced by NETFLIX and TV is now the Big Screen at home.

The future lays in hand of connected TV manufacturer whom will become the "All in TV"

What more could anyone want?

Well – how about gaining points that can be redeemed for branded goods just for interacting with the platform? This is something that the cutting-edge ADSREWORD platform offers.

Networks are battling to keep their heads above water, as are satellite and cable companies which are being confronted with a face-off involving mass streaming and personal selection options. But then, there has always been evolution within the TV industry. Black and white programs morphed into a wonderful spectrum of colour, and huge heavy televisions with extensive components at the back magically became flat screens that provided far superior picture quality. 4 channel choices miraculously improved to 100s, and networks were obliged to let in satellite and cable.

Yet now, as it stands, all of these entities are being trumped by mobile and online platforms such as OONA, which is rapidly becoming known as the YouTube of television. Moreover, the mobile and online ecosystem has dramatically transformed the way in which the content gets to the consumer; and “on demand,” are the new trendy watch words. So, this exciting right here, right now, way of viewing a show, film, sports game or anything else, has rendered the rigid, moderated agenda of linear programming totally outdated.

Users who are on the go have been empowered by advances in wireless connectivity, and now enjoy excellent access to digital content from a market which is supersaturated with devices including the OONA mobile app that can access mobile TV and video. Indeed, current research indicates that only 23% of responders prefer to watch television shows in the traditional way.1 And thus, the sun is now setting on traditional television. New mobile and online pathways coupled with the growing cloud-based power to offer nonlinear on-demand services, are most definitely holding their own, and present a clear and present danger to the old traditional ways.

For many people around the world, this exciting evolution cannot come quick enough, and as a game changer, OONA is well on course to fulfill its company mission statement: “To make life fun for billions of people in developing countries by providing Free Mobile TV.”

OONA's Founder, serial entrepreneur, Christophe Hochart says: “TV is not dead!”

“Like cinema, television is an experience, and it's a homey one! OONA by Telkom Indonesia, delivers exciting entertainment to the Indonesian population who like to enjoy Free content. And with dongle technology, OONA by Telkom Indonesia will be soon be offering a TV experience via free mobile content delivery.”


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